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A-2 Thursday, June 15, 2017 Precinct Reporter The most widely circulated African American Newspapers in Southern California since 1965 Precinct Reporter Tri-County Bulletin LongBeach Leader W e're with you 24/7 O nline at: & L ike us on Facebook: F ollow us on Twitter: 670 N. Arrowhead Ave., Suite B, San Bernardino, CA 92401 Black Business Harassed in High Desert The small shopping plaza where Pinkys is located has other ethnic businesses, including a liquor store/bar, a massage parlor, pet grooming, and a Mexican restaurant according to Gonzalez. There are customers who support her and are appalled that this could happen in their neighborhood. One adamant supporter who lives across the street from the shop told this reporter she gets up at night to check on the store, and see if any vandalism is going on. She was further appalled that Gonzalez three sons, who work with their mother at the shop, have also been By Eliz Coleman Dowdy, StaffWriter It has become all too familiar to hear stories of racial harassment, intimidation, and other atrocities against minorities and immigrants. The high desert, due to its isolation has long been a bastion of covert discrimination, but it is no longer covert. The local branch of the NAACP held a press conference about the ongoing harassment a local business was experiencing. The business, Pinkys Ice Cream, is located in Spring Valley Lake, an upscale lakefront equestrian community. Pinkys has only been operational for eight weeks, owner Linda Gonzalez told the Precinct Reporter. The harassment started on opening day, when she arrived early to prepare for the first day of business. She was greeted with a note tacked to the door, Ner get out! She immediately called the Sheriff's Dept., but unfortunately they did not arrive until after she had received her fourth note. Gonzalez says that when she gave the note to the deputy, he crumpled it and put it in his pocket. Spring Valley Lake is governed by an Association, but they have been quiet on the matter. This life saving message brought to you by: San Bernardino County Tobacco Control Program For more information call: (909) 647-4532 or go to Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-San Bernardino) announced that he will hold his 2017 Senior Fair on Friday, July 7th from 9:00AM to 12:00PM in the Ken Hubbs Gymnasium at Colton High School. This is the third senior fair Rep. Aguilar has held since 2015, continuing a series that offers Inland Empire seniors access to free health screenings and food programs, and assistance with Social Security, Medicare and veterans benefits. Ensuring our seniors have access to the quality of care that they need and deserve requires more than passing bills in Congress its about directly connecting them with resources right here in our community, said Rep. Aguilar. He continued, Over the past two years, my senior fairs have helped hundreds of Inland Empire residents resolve Medicare or Social Security claims, learn about important food programs and get access to critical free health screenings. Im glad to host another senior fair and will continue to hold constituent service events like this in the future. Rep. Aguilars 2017 Senior Fair will be held in the Ken Hubbs Gymnasium (on Rancho Avenue) at Colton High School, which is located at 777 W. Valley Boulevard in Colton. Admission is free, no RSVP is required and lunch will be provided. For more information about the event, contact Rep. Aguilar's ice at 909-890-4445. Rep. Aguilar Announces Senior Fair Linda Gonzalez, owner of Pinky's Ice Cream gives cotton candy packets to customers. Photo: Dowdy harassed. The oldest, who is nineteen has suffered anxiety attacks that sent him to the hospital. The youngest was called the N word as he was walking to work on Sunday, June 11 by a Caucasian man who tried to escalate an argument with the child. The owner, Linda Gonzalez is battling cancer, and opened the shop for her sons to have something after her transition. She is African American/ Puerto Rican. Gonzalez told this reporter she does not drive to work anymore because her car has been keyed, egged and dented while at the store. She is dropped off by her mother. One customer, Mandy, a white woman, brought her two small sons to the shop to get their treats, and she also stated her surprise and dismay over the continuing episodes of harassment that the shop and its owner are experiencing. She stated the service is good, and the ice cream is delicious. Gonzalez contacted the NAACP, and 1st vice president Paul Marsh stated they conducted their own investigation and were able to verify her statements. In the meantime, Gonzalez and her family are not only battling her illness, but the racist attitudes of neighbors and others against her engaging in free enterprise. She stated one deputy asked her if she or any employee smoked weed. That is a catch-all for minority businesses who are accused of dealing in illegal activity to turn the neighborhood against them, and to keep customers away. The NAACP indicated thestateiceisawareofthe situation, and is monitoring the case.

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