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A-2 Thursday, September 29, 2016 Precinct Reporter Police Shootings (Cont. from Page A-1) shot. Shelby was charged with felony manslaughter. On Tuesday, September 20, police in Charlotte, N.C. shot and killed 43 year- old Keith Lamont Scott at an apartment building. Witnesses said that Scott was sitting in his car reading a book when plainclothes icers approached him and asked him to exit his vehicle. On Saturday, September 24, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police released body-worn camera and dashboard camera video footage of the incident. None of the videos show Scott holding a gun or pointing a weapon at the police. Were tired of covering these stories, said Denise Rolark Barnes. We have been covering these stories long before mainstream media ever saw them. Barnes continued: The situation has escalated and it is time for us to step up to not only tell the story, but to also make some demands. Bernal Smith said that, Ive had way too many conversations with our readers and with people in our community that feel like were under siegethat feel that driving, walking or even sitting while Black is a threat to their lives. Smith continued: We are here today to declare that there is a state of emergency in our communities across America and it requires immediate and significant action on behalf of the federal fovernmentit can no longer be business as usual. April Goggans, who represents the Black Lives Matter movement in Washington, D.C., said that the narrative about the killings of Black men and women at the hands of those sworn to protect them is still being controlled by mainstream media. As much as we want to protect Black lives, we also have to protect the mediums and ways in which the stories that are true about Black lives are spread and that is through the Black Press, said Goggans. At a recent press conference, the NNPA announced that they want President Barack Obama, Attorney General and the U.S. Congress to address four principle demands immediately: Appoint a Special Federal Prosecutor on Police Brutality; Establish a National Police Oversight Commission on Use of Deadly Force, Training and Cultural Sensitivity; Create of a National Police Brutality and Misconduct Database that is publicly accessible; Establish tougher federal penalties for police icers and prosecutors who violate constitutional rights. Were not waiting for a new Congress, were not waiting for a new Supreme Court Justice, were not waiting for a new president, were not waiting for a new Attorney General, said Chavis. We want action, today. NAACP Voter Drives (Cont. from Page A-1) Voter Guide to help people wade through the 17 cumbersome propositions on the ballot this year. Its a lot of information to take in for the average person. If you look at the size of the ballot, a lot of people will just quickly dismiss all that, she said. Were breaking those propositions down, and sharing whether we are supporting them, or not. Eddie Kirby, president of the California Young Democrats, said they have over 100 statewide chapters with young people working diligently until Election Day. They are urging young people fet out and vote, especially because of the stark contrast between the candidates. He agrees that many young voters were disappointed that Bernie Sanders didnt win the Democratic primary, but the big question now is whether voters want an intolerant president that is against equal rights, against the LGBT community, and treats immigrants poorly. Those are the top concerns of young voters, and he doesnt think they are under any illusion what it will mean if Donald Trump were elected. If they show out in force, he said young people tend to support progressive social policies. The polls consistently show that two- thirds of young voters are left of center. In the way Donald Trump talks about people of color, especially in California, if anything I think theyll be motivated to vote even if Hillary wasnt their irst choice, he said. For whatever Clintons perceived faults, he said she has extensive national and international experience. Im surprised to hear folks say, I cant vote for her because I dont like her, but youd vote for Trump because hes likable? Kirby said. He is temperamentally completely unstable for the job. Another trouble spot is that Trump will unlikely enforce police body cameras or proper training, especially as the police union recently endorsed Trump for president. We see Black and Brown people gunned down almost on a daily basis by people who are paid to protect and serve not just white people, but all people, he said. He said the unprovoked acts of violence by the people in Blue against its citizens is wrong, and needs to stop. There needs to be real change in Washington and in our State Houses put in place to protect people, he said. Whats happening in this country needs leadership with experience to lead. Theres only one candidate on this ballot. To help the NAACP voter registration drives, call 951.324.9603 The High Desert section of the National Council of Negro Women recently held their installation of new icers. The icers have a two year term. New icers are: President, Mrs. Diana Prioleau; 1st vice president, Mrs. Nadine Cox; 2nd vice president, Mrs. Ella Weeden; Recording Secretary, Maude Mitchell; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Frances Flowers; Treasurer, Mrs. Luvenia Kimble; Parliamentarian, Mrs. Evelyn Glasper; Historian, Mrs. Sandra Munson; Chaplain, Mrs. Gloria Roberts. The icers were installed by the Hon. Debra Harris, Superior Court Judge. Photo: Dowdy

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